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Memoir | English

Panagiotis born in Athens, Greece was given, not a mythical but real superpower, as an ... Read More

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Memoir | English

The war cost her everything, a mother, a father, and a country. Four-year-old Bang Sun found tied to a tree, is riddled with disease, ... Read More

Mystery | English

Melanie Eagleton is staring into the cold waters of Long Island Sound on the deck of the cottage she promised to remake at the death of her ... Read More

Fiction | English

The Sequel to Oath to Honor...

... Read More
Fable | English

Three young women redefine the importance of friendship & patience through knitting & vengeance.
They’re tired of being ... Read More

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I’ve spent 20 years on both sides of the camera working with the world’s most celebrated celebrities and for fashion industry magazines as a Fashion Correspondent, Series Regular, Host, Judge, Creative Director and Executive Producer on some of the decade’s hottest television shows. I’m most well recognized for my roles as ...

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