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Poetry | English

Unbound Twitter thoughts for the heart and mind is a collection of tweets, poetry, and ... Read More

Coming Soon
Mystery | English

Melanie Eagleton is staring into the cold waters of Long Island Sound on the deck of the cottage she promised to remake at the death of her ... Read More

Fiction | English

The Sequel to Oath to Honor...

... Read More
Fable | English

Three young women redefine the importance of friendship & patience through knitting & vengeance.
They’re tired of being ... Read More

Memoir | English

Life offered us the opportunity to expedite our dreams of living outside the city...and we took it.

Now, we have to figure out how to do ... Read More

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Saundra Henderson Windom is a celebrated and decorated educator who retired as principal of Alonzo A. Crim Open Campus High school in Atlanta, Georgia. Known by her Korean name, Chang, Bang Sun, her friends affectionately call her Sandy. Her administrative staff adds yet another moniker as they jokingly call her “Forrest Gump” because ...

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