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Wordeee Author Support And Services
Improve Your Craft
From live workshops to our library of recordings, articles, and other key resources, writers can find everything they need to turn their writing into something a publisher will notice.
Get Published
We take a select number of authors on an end-to-end, bespoke journey to becoming published under the Wordeee label, walking by their side every step of the way. Ready to submit a manuscript?
Build an Audience
Build an Audience with our integrated community platform, authors can connect directly with their readers to interact and grow a thriving fanbase.
Sell Books
Unlike the traditional publishing industry where authors make a fraction of the revenue of their book sales and have to wait months to get paid, Wordeee authors receive XX% and have full control of their royalty disbursements at all times through their author dashboard. Take a look at our titles here.
Meet Your Potential
To us, your writing has enormous potential, even beyond getting published. We nurture the full life cycle of your words to every platform possible, including audio, film, television, stage,and beyond. Want to be the next Hamilton? We’ve got your back.
The Wordeee Publishing Process
From Manuscript To Published Book
How we get your book out into the world
Every book is as unique as its author, so the costing out of a book can itself be an art form based on the author's vision and content variables.
Your editor will make final recommendations on what it takes to have a first-class book published by Wordeee.
Those costs will communicate upon completion of the editorial review.
You are a few clicks away from your greatness!
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