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Welcome to the Wordeee Lounge and the Wordeee Community. Wordeee is a dedicated community for artists and their fans. It's a fun, global community where you can create and collaborate with us and people around the world.
This Lounge is controlled by a Wordeee administrator and it is here that we will share with our community the latest news and updates on the Wordeee platform. Here you will find tips, news, events, and anything that is cool in the Wordeee world.

Just a few words about community Guidelines:
Communities take good care of each other, so
-Be nice
-Respect your community: It's a global community so don't be provincial
-Be creative
-Have fun

If you are a Wordeeean we want to keep you here so please follow the guidelines of courtesy while on the platform
Do not:
-Be a bully or intimidate your fellow community member
-Post illegal, inappropriate or content that does not belong to you or you have permission to post.
-Don't be a poser
-Don't stalk
-Don't post private information.
If you do these things we will have to block your account and that would hurt our hearts.

Finally, if you want to communicate with us, make suggestion, get help or have concerns of a sensitive nature we ask you to send us a private e-mail at contact@wordeee.com
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