Faq | Wordeee
Basic Information
Basic Information
What is Wordeee?
Who is Wordeee for?
What kind of authors are we looking for?
What is all this about the transformation of Words?
If I am a previously published author, can I be a part of the Wordeee community?
Why such an emphasis on quality?
So what’s the process?
Why did you develop Wordeee?
Why is the platform called Wordeee?
Do you have an Ambassador Program?
Copyright & Registration
Copyright & Registration
What about my copyrights and design rights?
Costs & Fees
Costs & Fees
What does it cost to work with Wordeee
How do Wordeee authors get paid?
What is your refund policy?
What is the Wordeee Author Lounge?
What services do you offer?
What kind of support will I get as a Wordeee author?
What about purchasing hard copies of my book?
How long will it take for my book to get to market?
Production and Post Support
How to get in touch and how things work offline
What do you mean by “trending authors”?
What if I want to cancel my contract?
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