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High-Conflict Divorce Coaches | NY Metro area
Been There Got Out provides expert, strategic guidance to people involved in high-conflict relationships, divorce, and co-parenting situations, so that you have the best chance of a positive outcome in court and beyond.

Lisa Johnson and Chris Barry offer practical advice for anyone suffering in - or struggling to get out of - a relationship with a narcissist or other toxic personality type. We cover everything from identifying the problem to committing to take action to the legal/custody battle to navigating a co-parenting relationship with a monster. Lisa and Chris are high-conflict divorce coaches with expertise and first-hand experience in these often-horrific situations, and the unique male and female perspectives.


Besides finding a partner and career which seem custom created for her, Lisa loves meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick. She also enjoys reading, traveling, tag sales, treasure hunting, going to the beach, eating, and art projects. Her other business, Psychotic Leopard, involves selling luxury fashion online; she is on a constant quest for what she calls "compliment grabbers,” pieces so unique that they generate conversations between strangers, becoming the perfect prop to connect people to each other.

She considers her trip backpacking through Europe and then living in Hungary one of her greatest accomplishments, as well as solo parenting two relentless pests who have thankfully matured into amazing young adults.


Chris is a proud and loving father to his two sons, only one of whom has fully followed his maniacal love of the Miami Dolphins and geeky interest in the NFL Draft. He’s working on the other one.

He enjoys playing golf - occasionally well - cooking, creative home projects, and the company of their rescue dog, Ripley. He loves to travel, especially with Lisa, and is a big fan of the band Shinedown.

Chris grew up in the northern suburbs of New York City, where he still lives now. He got his undergraduate degree from Lehigh University, where he played football and was a brother in the fraternity Beta Theta Pi, where he met many of the people who remain his best friends to this day.

His professional background is in technology sales, and this career twist was entirely unexpected, but, as it turns out, extremely fulfilling.
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