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The Antiheroes: Treatise of a Lost Soul
Fiction | English

We hurriedly walk across an empty, weed-filled lot to approach the house from the back. There’s very little light. Most street lights don’t work here. It’s perfect. I can only imagine how we would look to an incidental observer tonight, this gang of painted up, crazy looking freaks, and we are truly all of that. The living dead have come to call. White painted faces like death masks, all dressed in black as we stride across the overgrown lot in a neighborhood of abandoned and boarded up ramshackle houses, like a scene from a war torn country or the movie set of some vile, cheap, B-horror flick. We are a nightmare from Halloween come to life. Anyone encountering this spectacle would turn and run the other way...

Edition Number: Wordeee Edition
Publication Date: Oct 22, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-946274-03-8
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Abe Sulfaro
Apr 02, 2019
"There were times when I couldn't have survived without you, even when you weren't here." Such is the case now with Abe's family and friends. As is too often the case with artists, their words provide us with reflection and meaning after they've left us. Many of the poems, lyrics, and quotes by ...Read More
Abe Sulfaro
Mar 03, 2019
So begins my journey on the next level of outreach on behalf of Abe...and myself as a mother and a new author inspired by his writings, introspective and conflicted. One of the qualities of his work that stands in contrast to my first novel, "Co-eternals," is his ability to create density in ...Read More