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Artist | Miami Beach
As my journey continues, I seek to take people on a visual experience that will captivate, motivate and inspire. I believe we may transcend the everyday and appreciate it, finding a spiritual oasis through the power of art-through color, line, and referential icons that affect us deeply. In this way I use not only color but specific objects and techniques in my work.
My multicolor patterning process uses dots pressed into the canvas suggesting spiritual and physical subjects. This enhances the illusion of movement that is present in our interior worlds, representing the constant in the larger social content.

I am a Messenger. I am inspired to share an expression of enlightenment, passion and spirituality in our perennial wisdom. The wisdom holding this sacred language: the exchange of what I create and your soul experiences. I welcome you into my visual universe: a desire to be, to sense, to influence perception and share something beautiful to behold.
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