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Author | Long Beach, CA
My story about growing up on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu in the Seventies and Eighties. I survived childhood trauma while living with a rare skin condition on my face.

Having come from a dysfunctional upbringing of alcoholic and abusive parents (Archie Bunker with four martinis) and living with a disfiguring disease that lead to my lack of self-worth, in my twenties, I have made toxic choices (exotic dancing, drug abuse) that seemed natural for me and the only way I knew how to live.

Trauma is a pervasive problem in society, leaving people with lasting mental, physical, social and emotional problems. There can never be too many books on helping people get past trauma to wellness. One less suicide, one less addiction, one less lost soul is the why of books like this one.

My self-deprecating humor will have the reader understand and sympathize with the choices I made navigating a most tumultuous life.

The book has a global appeal in addition to anyone struggling with self-esteem issues from trauma or otherwise. It also gives a look at the strength of conviction needed for someone ready to own their story.

This is my superpower; my determination to design the life I deserved. With this book, I will continue my work to help others get to the other side of doubt, fear, and a lack of spiritual well-being to live their best life.
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