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Going Home
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The Triad, or the Holy trinity as they call themselves, is about three Women with absolute Influence and Power at the top their professional game.

Melody Adams, the CEO of a tech firm carefully guards her difficult past in the streets of LA, relying instead on her prestigious education at Stanford University. Veronica Whittaker, a medical doctor, married with two children is having an affair with a young resident she considers her intellectual equal, unlike her husband. April Summers, a Wall Street Super woman, privileged and caustic aspires to be the first Black CFO of any major financial institution, and is relentless in her pursuit. She has no qualms ignoring her husband's wish to have a child.

When the Women meet in a psychiatrist's office, each there to find the support they needed to navigate life at the zenith, though competitive at first, they become fast friends. Vowing to support each other as they circumnavigate the American dream as women of colour, what they did not realize when their friendship began was that hidden secrets were bound to be exposed. Will the women have the courage to be real about pasts that holds them each hostage from finding deep human connection? Can they become the soulmates they so desire?

Through their growing friendship the women realize the very past they’d shunned, is what they must face for true friendship and indeed love, to transcend. For that, they must go home again.

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