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Between Apes and Gods: And the Guy on the Plane
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William’s father has just died. Weary and heartsick from the loss, he takes the first flight from New York to San Francisco, dreading what promises to be an intensely painful trip. That is, until William meets Paul, the enigmatic passenger seated next to him. Paul is not an idle mind, and he plumbs William's soul about bereavement and the meaning of death. They embark on a mental foray that leads to a feral reexamination of religious beliefs and the facts of science. Science and religion are not bookends between which all of reality is compressed. Species self-organization (decentralized evolution), and self-organizing systems, laws and processes underlying human existence and behavior are not adequately accounted for in religious and scientific evaluations of cause and effect. Between Apes and Gods applies thought experiments to test the validity of doctrinal assumptions which fail to include species self-organization—it admits at least the possibility, that everything we believe to be true is not true. Between Apes and Gods is a doubter’s book, a book of questions.

Edition Number: Wordeee edition
Publication Date: Oct 22, 2016
E-book ISBN: 978-1-946274-01-4
Thomas Easley
Nov 02, 2016
Once there was a cow that spent most of its time eating field grass, drinking water, and watching clouds drift across the expanse of a soft blue sky. Then one day, a deer walked up to the cow and asked, “Don’t you ever get bored?” “Bored?” asked the cow. ...Read More
Thomas Easley
Oct 27, 2016
If we are not in control of our minds, something, or someone else will be. ─ “I” is in the awareness of an absence of “I.” ─ Every debt has its master. ─ A lie is often more alluring than the truth. ─ Are reflections a form of ...Read More
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