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Death in Delhi
Mystery | English

Melanie Eagleton is staring into the cold waters of Long Island Sound from the deck of her deceased best friend's cottage. She is also trying to sketch out a solution for her latest assignment–redesigning a new inner space for the palace for the last Rajah/Bollywood heartthrob as well as the creation of a museum that will depict the one opulent lives of the Rajahs royal family. Meanwhile, in a small dark apartment on Roosevelt Island, an intense young man is experimenting with creative ways to make a statement about his obsession–the loss of American jobs, especially his, to Indian call centers. Melanie is at a celebration at the Rajah’s palace when the corporate head of a major call-center collapses during her visit. Fortunately, she knows who to call in cases as extreme as Victor Kumar's death. She knows Detective Colin St. James Smythe, who'd worked with her when her late husband was implicated in her best friend’s murder. With a growing romantic interest in the beautiful Melanie, Smythe dashes to Mumbai to investigate. 

Publication Date: Jun 01, 2022
E-book ISBN: 978-1-946274-20-5
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ISBN: 978-1-946274-17-5