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The Untold Story of Itsy Bity's Long Emotional Day
Children | English

Everybody knows the story of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, but most people don’t know the whole story…until now. Join Itsy Bitsy on her journey through an emotion-packed day that begins when she's washed far from the well-known waterspout with her eight shoes floating off in every direction. After feeling lost and alone, Itsy Bitsy is comforted by Mama, who shows up ready to save the day. But even mamas aren’t perfect. After Itsy Bitsy has had more stress than she can handle for one day, she says the worst thing a child can say to her mama...or is it?

Through her clinical experience, Dr. Jill Leibowitz has observed and identified the deep need to facilitate emotion-themed discussions between children and their parents, caregivers, and teachers. These discussions allow children to express and make meaning of their complex thoughts and feelings. The Untold Story of Itsy Bitsy’s Long, Emotional Day, a beautifully illustrated keepsake book, provides a starting point for conversation and positive messages for children and the adults in their lives. Included is a guide with tips on how this story can be used to initiate dialogue with children about complex human experiences and begin meaningful, on-going discussions.

Edition Number: 1
Publication Date: Oct 16, 2020
E-book ISBN: 978-19-92627-42-7
Print Book Details
ISBN: 978-19-92627-41-0
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