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A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up to Lead, Empower and Thrive (Hard Cover)
Business | English

Look around. Imagine yourself as the only one, the sole sister in the business world: in a boardroom, in the C-suite, on a private jet, in any important meeting. Then imagine these Black unicorns as a collective of experience, succeeding, full of resilience, pioneering spirit and glory. Imagine with us a future where a blessing of Black unicorns is empowered to team up to fulfill our economic promise.


A group of unicorns is called “a blessing.” And so we are.  


A Blessing presents an analysis of African American female leadership. An unapologetic, fresh look at our often-overlooked role in America’s social, political, psychological and economic history, it is armed with data that should be empowering for today’s “unicorns.” The book offers a “playbook” to rally and help Black unicorns “team up” and find innovative ways to support one another as they climb, what research shows, are lonely, stressful, jagged yet ultimately rewarding ladders of opportunity.


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Publication Date: Oct 15, 2020
E-book ISBN: 978-1-946274-46-5
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Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1-946274-47-2
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