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Discovering Your TRUE IDENTITY
Non-fiction | English

Part Memoir, part self-help, and definitely inspirational, TRUE IDENTITY is a compelling read, a triumphant story, and a story of growth. Dr. Marilyn Francis Walker’s stories of triumph over defeat will inspire and restore you. True Identity will take you into the storehouse of Marilyn’s innermost thoughts and intimate feelings, and into the basement of her wounded soul where her deepest pain was stored. She then shares the processes she used to get out of her dark space in hopes that, if you need to, you too can use her program to fully restore and transform your life.
Marilyn has created several transformation programs she adhered to as she was healing. Reflect, Release, and Recreate (R.R.R.) will help you gain clarity and understanding around the circumstances of your challenges. Stepping Into Purpose (S.I.P.) will instill in you a hunger and an appetite for positive change even when a cocktail of negative experiences and emotions has been served. Vision Boarding encourages you to be excited about seeing your future and helps you adopt a new level of consciousness where you make your dreams a priority. The Action Steps Journal, will enable you to turn more disappointments into opportunities by changing your perception of reality. And, just when you think you’ve learned everything that Marilyn has offered about healing and transformation, she effortlessly flips her W.I.G. and teaches you how to Write Incredible Goals.

Edition Number: 1
Publication Date: Aug 01, 2019
E-book ISBN: 9781946274274281
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Paperback ISBN: 9781946274274

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Marilyn Walker
Apr 01, 2021
Have I found my place, my roots, my race You look at me up close or from afar in admiration or condemnation Not understanding my beginning, my journey or my history I look like any other black woman, man, brother, sister, aunty, uncle or friend You ask me how am doing and with courage, I reply, ...Read More
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