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The Joy of Summer Reading

Summer can be the perfect time to grab a great book and head to the beach, sit in the park or position yourself in front of the air conditioning with an ice tea or a G and T (that's Gin & Tonic to you) and leisurely read.
For those of you with children or grandchildren, the fact that there's no school, after school sports or homework to be concerned about, summer can be an ideal time for them to crack open a book. Reading can help prevent "summer slide." The infamous "summer slide" can occur when school isn't in session. Simply, it's a decline in reading ability and loss of multiple academic skills that can happen over the summer months. It is a known fact that kids who don't read during summer vacation can actually lose some of their reading ability by the time school starts again in the fall.
By reading books yourself, you are setting a good example to kids by showing them that reading is a cool thing to do.
You may not be surprised to learn that a study at Northern Illinois University found that, "Literacy skills and practices of the general population are regarded as fundamental to the security of a democratic society. There is a growing concern that the literacy skills and associated reading practices of American adults may be inadequate for the demands of a rapidly evolving high-tech, information-driven workplace and society."
That said, kick back, relax and take advantage of the plethora of books available of every stripe. Tap recommendations from friends and social media sites where you can browse book lists and reviews. Whether you're into art & music, true crime, the classics, computer & technology or biographies of leaders & notable people, make this a summer of exploration and delight by forgetting the day-to-day and losing yourself in reading.


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