Basic Information
What is Wordeee?

Wordeee is a new kind of publishing company and community for writers who struggle to get their ideas and words heard. Forward-thinking in our approach to publishing, we surround our author 360 degrees with a platform that supports every aspect of their success.

Who is Wordeee for?

You know it in your heart.

You feel it in your bones.

You’re a writer.

And, there’s the rub.

Being a writer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

You know you could impact the world...educating, entertaining, and compelling your readers...and making a real difference with your words.

But first, you have to break through.

And if you’ve tried that before, odds are you have a horror story...or six.

In a world where it takes a lot more than talent to get that big break, the sad reality? Most talented authors are never discovered.

Perhaps you’re one of them.

If so, have you met Wordeee?

Wordeee is a new kind of publishing platform, helping the world’s next great authors meet their full potential.

Thanks to a combination of big publishing expertise, cutting-edge, collaborative technology, and unlimited support and guidance, Wordeee transforms talented writers into known authors. Are you ready to invest in your dream?

The results?

Your book. Published.

Your talent. Recognized.

Your dream. Fulfilled.

What kind of authors are we looking for?

As a publishing company, we set high standards for the books we select to publish. We have to be picky because, as a boutique, publisher providing bespoke support to each of our authors, we only have the capacity to select 20-25 manuscripts to publish each year. The authors we choose show talent in their writing. They’re coachable and willing to take criticism from our team of seasoned editors and coaches to turn their manuscript into a thing of magic. They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the absolute best representation of their work into the world.  Our authors are talented, scrappy, determined, and open. But what makes the experience of working with Wordeee so different is how we support our authors. Even the ones we don’t select to publish.

If you:

You have an incredible idea.

A breath-taking story…

A world-changing perspective…

Believe it deserves to be heard.

Considered the self-publishing route.

Tried to get a book traditionally published. Whew!  You know the journey ahead. It’s never as easy as they make it sound.

You can try to get an agent...and if you get anything less than a dozen rejections, consider yourself lucky.



What is all this about the transformation of Words?

The word is the word, and though it may begin on the page, it can be transformed into any form:

Book >> movies >> Theater >> film >> Music and many other properties

Why not your work? 





If I am a previously published author, can I be a part of the Wordeee community?

Absolutely. But the work you submit to Wordeee must be free and unencumbered, that is, it must not be signed to any other publisher or under contract with an agent unless you terminate such a contract. 

Why such an emphasis on quality?

Simple: bad books are bad for the world. 

  • Unlike Vanity Publishing, where you pay your money and you‘re on your own, Wordeee combines real-world over 50 years of publishing expertise with collaborative technology, delivering unparalleled support and guidance.
  • Unlike publishing on Amazon, where your distribution becomes limited and book lost in translation, Wordeee is a community where talented writers become recognized authors
  • Unlike self-publishing, where you spend more money than you earn…and believe me you will, Wordeee integrated services assure you the quality work you expect from a publisher.
  • Unlike self-publishing, which typically ends up an expense, Wordeee's turn-key approach gives the world access to your work
  • Unlike self-publishing, which...well let’s say you get what you pay for...Wordeee's unparalleled service will allow you to rest easy.
  • Unlike big publishing houses,  whose barriers to entry are so high, Wordeee is accessible and our speed to process reassuring.
So what’s the process?
  • An Author uploads their manuscript on the platform for review. When you submit a manuscript to us for consideration, our team gets to work to determine if it’s ready or not quite ready for the Wordeee logo to appear on its spine,
  • The manuscript is reviewed by Wordeee editors and is either accepted or not.  Our selection process is rigorous. When a book is submitted, our editorial team assesses whether it meets our criteria or not. Good work with the potential for great impact and cross-platforming potential is our sweet spot. Because our editors’ time is valuable, and our submissions are numerous, we favor people who are committed to their craft. The $50 submission fee shows you are invested in yourself and pays for the time an editor spends reading your manuscript.  
  • If accepted, the works go through the process machine to determine its needs: editing, fact-checking, line editing, proofreading, layout, and design. Your manuscript administrator sends you pricing information. You accept or reject. If you accept you will be sent a Wordeee contract.  Thereafter, the production of your book begins.
  • If we do not accept your manuscript, we send you a detailed editorial letter telling you exactly why and exactly what about the work needs to be improved. You may choose to work with the Wordeee team to get your manuscript up to spec, or you can choose to complete this work yourself or with your editor. Our intention is to walk the path beside our authors, shepherding them along the journey to becoming published.
    if you work with an outside editor you may submit the manuscript again but you will need to pay a new editorial fee as there is no guarantee that the work will be accepted after our team again reviews.
  • Upon acceptance and signing with Wordeee, the author is given permission to enter our super-powerful dashboard where they can begin engaging their audience and create custom content such as videos, live streaming, and establish general rapport with their tribe. The author can track the progress of their books, look at current stats on book sales, request royalty payments, view audience participation, and an array of other important data.
  • We have a revolving publishing process, but a book will take 6-8 months before completion so publication dates will also roll accordingly.
Why did you develop Wordeee?

The adage says, do what you love! We love authors and artists and the people who appreciate them.

As authors ourselves…we know how scary, lonely, and confidence-shaking the road to becoming an author of note can be. From writer’s block to the unknowns, myths, and misconceptions of the publishing world (not to mention the fear of rejection that creeps in all along the way), this journey isn’t for the faint of heart.

Ever since the world of big publishing has lost its relevance and vitality, there's been a lot of noise and confusion in the industry, and the voices that matter most are being crowded out. Independently published books are growing and so is the proliferation of really bad books. A growing non-traditional publishing market is a statement that change is needed and that authors need new quality options, especially in the ever-evolving digital and social media age.

The founders of Wordeee themselves are authors, readers, bookstore owners, television personalities, filmmakers, traditional publishing professionals, and technologists — so yes, they are artists too! We have a panoramic view of the world of words from its beginning to its end and through its transformation. Wordeee is about redefining the future of book publishing on the notion that the ever-enlarging digital playground and global economy offers new, exciting opportunities for authors and readers. 

Wordeee founders know that ideas are the easy part of any project. We not only stand behind our big idea with actionable steps but we are ready and committed to the success of our authors on our game-changing book ecosystem. You’ve made an empowered decision to support yourself as you navigate this path and we are here to help.

In a future that is all about user-generated storytelling and content, Wordeee's open-ended system harnesses the power of the latest technologies to level the playing field for authors and artists to be promoted beyond their usual borders. 

Imagine, just imagine with us, one place where the world of words comes together for true connections, cultural exchanges, communication, and most of all to make words fun once again. Wordeee’s goals are to revitalize, socialize, and revolutionize the world of books, over multi-platforms. Another goal is to ensure that one of the most important life skills, literacy, continues to excite consumers.  Our mission is to hold your space until you feel ready to fly…and to support you along the journey in every way.

Why is the platform called Wordeee?

Wordeee means electronic, entertainment, and engagement with words. The "eee" in Wordeee is the backronym for electronic entertainment and engagement. Remember, in the beginning, there was the word.  We do not discriminate on word formats; we treat the world of words in all its forms of entertainment. The world to us is in the word.

Do you have an Ambassador Program?

Yes, we do, and anyone can be a Wordeee Ambassador. When someone signs up on the platform, they will get a unique code in their welcome e-mail which is forever linked to their account. They are encouraged to share this code with like-minded people looking to become authors. If someone they share the code publishes with Wordeee, they will get a referral fee of $100.  

Copyright & Registration
What about my copyrights and design rights?

You own the copyright to all your works. Wordeee will publish your book, assign an ISBN and LCC number to all formats we publish — trade, hardcover, audio, or e-book.

Wordeee’s professional team will design and make the final decision on your book, however, with regards to cover design, layout, etc. Wordeee's design rights are not transferable and remain the property of Wordeee.


Costs & Fees
What does it cost to work with Wordeee

Every project is different.  We don't have a one price fits all model.  Your project price will be determined by the services you need. 


How do Wordeee authors get paid?

Wordeee will outline this in the Author's contract, but you will get paid from the first book sold. Since you have no advance to pay back, nothing stands in the way of your success — the world will be your oyster.  Even better is the fact that from your lounge you can track your sales and release your accumulated royalties any time you wish with the click of a button.

What is your refund policy?

If at any time you are dissatisfied with the production of your work, you should immediately reach out to Wordeee’s customer service. If a resolution cannot be reached, Wordeee will defer to the terms and agreement clause’s refund policy statement. For any further questions or a refund request, contact us here.

What is the Wordeee Author Lounge?

Your lounge is your citadel. Build it and they will come. Upon signing up as a Wordeee Author, you will be given access to create your unique “Author Lounge” that is hosted by Wordeee. Your Author Lounge is your personalized space where you engage your audience through a variety of social options, be it video, audio, live-streaming, etc.… It is also your lifeline to Wordeee services and your personal data, like the number of books you’ve sold, to whom and where, and the amount of royalty your work has earned.    


Sign up to be on our Speaker’s Bureau, teach a masterclass, and engage your audience in fresh and creative ways, and in ways that only you can decide. We make it possible; you make it happen. Your lounge is also where you can release your royalty checks and examine your sales. No more waiting 6-18 months for your check. You’ll get paid on demand. This alone differentiates us from every other publisher in the world, bar none. 


What services do you offer?

Evaluation Services

  • Editorial Review: is mandatory for every manuscript.  An editor will review your book and give you editorial feedback. There is a one-time charge of $50.00 that is credited to you if your book is accepted for publication.
  • Marketing Review: If you choose a marketing option for your work, a marketing specialist will work through the author’s questionnaire to ensure we are maximizing your options. Reach out to us via phone, email, or chat.


Editorial Services

  •  Basic Editing: your manuscript may be nearly perfect, but we make the necessary small changes that can make a big difference to flow, clarity, and pacing.
  • Proofreading: correct typographical errors, grammar, style, spelling, etc.…
  • Copy Editing: more extensive editing to improve a manuscript in general.
  • Fact-Checking: making sure you got your facts right… Istanbul isn’t in Greece, right!
  • Developmental Editing: extensive work on the raw material of your work to develop the plot, storyline, and desired content.
  • Cover Copy: crafting the perfect sales pitch and copy for your book.
  • Translation Services: translating the work from one native language to another.
  • Ghostwriting: a person behind the scenes who write your idea into a book.
  • Collaborative writing / co-writer: a person who works with you to shape your work and appears on the cover of your work with you.  


Book Formats

  • Basic e-Book: Plain text formatted in e-pub.
  • Interactive e-book: Contains action steps — audio, video, galleries.
  • Illustrated and animated e-book: HTML animation of book.
  • Trade paperback: softcover book.
  • Hard Cover book.
  • Illustrated and Children's Board books
  • Audiobook.


Design Services

  • Interior Design: the layout of the book, running heads, font, chapter designs.
  • Layout: how the text appears on the page.
  • Cover Design: Wordeee has final approval on all covers.
  • Illustrations: design and inclusion of illustrations and photos in the book.
  • Animation: inclusion of animation in your e-book.
  • Video: inclusion of video in your e-book.


Marketing Services

A Wordeee Author once signed, will have access to our powerful personalized Author’s Lounge. Inside your Lounge you will be able to request marketing services, monitor book sales, release your accumulated royalties, among a myriad of other built-in services.  

  • Digital marketing: marketing and advertising your work through digital channels.
  • Book reviews: Wordeee’s marketing specialists will send your galleys to reviewers.
  • Virtual book signings: your global tour online.
  • In-store book signings: meet your fans face-to-face.
  • Conventions: Wordeee conventions will be physical locations where Wordeee authors and their fans can mix and mingle.
  • Author video: We encourage authors to get their fans to know who they are beyond their books, like sharing their hobbies or talents. We can help you create your author’s video for your lounge.
  • Book trailers: Our digital experts can create a savvy trailer for your book.
  • Get on the bus: Once a year Wordeee authors get on a bus and meet their fans.
  • Book Setters: For the discriminating reader who wants to live the book, join the author for a travel experience of a lifetime to the setting in the book.
  • Global Pop-up Events.
  • Ancillary services such as radio, TV, newsprint.
  • Author’s speaker bureau: Wordeee will bill 10% of the Speakers Fee for administrative support.


What kind of support will I get as a Wordeee author?

Every kind of support you could imagine, and more. From the moment you sign with us, we will provide you with the tools and services to allow your book to stand out and be counted. Our social media platform (yes, we built our own) is strong and community-oriented. You can self-promote, cross-promote, and decide on all the services that fit your needs along with your budget.  Wordeee will have frequent pop-up events, seminars, conferences, and face-to-face opportunities for authors to leverage to their benefit. Keep up-to-date by visiting Wordeee's Lounge for the latest and greatest news on Wordeee.

What about purchasing hard copies of my book?

Our books are published as e-books with paperback and hard copy options. Wordeee offers authors the ability to purchase copies of their books for on the ground events and promotions.

How long will it take for my book to get to market?

The average time to publication will be about to 8 months, depending on the length and condition of your manuscript, but it may take longer if delays are introduced into the process, such as not having proper copyright clearance to use material in your book. On the Wordeee platform, you will be able to watch and track the progress of your manuscript through our visual tools online.

Production and Post Support

Post-Production Support

Galleys & Reviews: Galleys will be sent to industry reviewers. 

Press Release to Major Media

Sales Sheet for Distribution and Bookstores awareness

Distribution Catalogue Listing. 

Distribution/Book Sales/Wordeee and to Third-Party Vendors. Once your book has been published, it will be available on the Wordeee platform as well as through Ingram Distribution that distributes to individual and chain stores, worldwide, Amazon, and on every e-book platform including Scribe that distributes to Libraries.

Editorial Evaluation Fee Refund: There is a fee to receive editorial reviews because we are a curated site. If your manuscript is accepted, the fee is credited to you when you sign up for our services.

Copyright and Registrations: As part of your services, Wordeee will handle the ISBN, Library of Congress Numbers required for your book.  We will also send finished copies of the work to the Library of Congress.  NOTE: an author is responsible for copyrighting their work.

Social Media announcements and posts on Wordeee platforms

Work with personal publicist if the author has one. 




How to get in touch and how things work offline

Our work happens offline as well as online.
Our dedicated customer support team is available to help you via:

  • Wordeee chat on our website
  • E-mail
  • Toll-free phone number (888-299-8220)
  • Other support staff you are likely to be in touch with are:
    •  Editor
    •  Designer
    •  Contract Representative
    •  Marketing and PR specialists
    •  Back office support team for pesky things
    •  Financial support

Our front-end is your portal to our robust back-end of the dedicated people working on your behalf to ensure your work has the best opportunity for success. There are editors, designers, marketers, PR, customer service people, and, of course, the usual suspects.


What do you mean by “trending authors”?

Wordeee is a community driven platform. Your readers decide how great you are. The more they comment the more you trend and that’s why it’s important to have great content in your lounge. Trending authors come to the attention of Wordeee by bubbling up to the number one or two spots. Wordeee will evaluate these authors for cross platform potential. For example the subject matter of your book sparks a national or international conversation. We may decide then that you would be a wonderful person to have your own Wordeee Television talk show….on Wordeee TV. Or your books is movie good…we may decide to make an original content movie of your book. The transformation of words in all its iteration is what the full vision of the Wordeee platform is all about. 

What if I want to cancel my contract?

We hope you will never find a reason to, but if you want to, you can cancel your contract at any time. Just drop us a note on contact@wordeee.com and your agreement with us will be terminated.