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Memoir | English

The war cost her everything, a mother, a father, and a country. Four-year-old Bang Sun found tied to a tree, is riddled with disease, malnutrition, and bears the scars of a tragic life.
Facing a future of nothing but pain, loss, and hopelessness, we follow the story of a mixed-race African-American child of the Korean War. When Korea begins purging itself of its unwanted casualties, babies of war, her abandonment leads to two orphanages and eventually to adoption in America – where Bang Sun must now become an American – a Black American.
Fiercely resilient and embodying her birth country’s hope as expressed in the song Arirang, Bang Sun, who becomes Saundra Henderson must learn to navigate a new language, a new culture, and a new family. Through it all, she holds resolutely to the imperfect memory from her five years in her homeland and tenaciously to that of the ‘Boy’ who saved her life. 
A powerful memoir of strength, grace, resilience, courage, and kindness, you’ll find yourself immersed in this beautiful and inspiring recollection of the child called Bang Sun. 



Edition Number: 1
Publication Date: Sep 08, 2021
E-book ISBN: 978-1-946274-56-4
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