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Isaac J. Kassin is a philanthropist, author and entrepreneur. He founded The Isaac J. Kassin Fund while in high school. Through word-of-mouth and social media, he recruited students,friends and relatives to donate substantial sums to charities like St Jude’s and Ronald McDonald House. He and his work have been recognized by the NYC City Council and Mayor Bloomberg. He co-founded the World Youth Initiative (WYI) while at the Wharton School of Business. Now in his early 20’s, he Heads Business Operations and Marketing at Exeq, providing users with an automated savings plan, algorithmic budgeting, & the opportunity to invest in top-tier wealth management firms spearheading fundraising, strategic partnerships, and user acquisition. Kassin wrote The Alphabet Kids Go to the Planetarium with Patrice Samara, his mentor, to express his interest in science and to be a role model to other young people.
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