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I am an Emmy award-winning Strategic Communications Advisor, Producer, Author, and lifelong entrepreneur working with the Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations in over thirty countries. I've produced films, documentaries, TV, theater, concerts, & large scale events around the world. My specialty is in the MENA region. As an innovative, passionate change agent committed to meeting the rapidly evolving needs of an integrated, information-driven economy, I provide thoughtful direction and creative strategies with a reputation as one of the world’s top management leaders. Honored with over fifty international awards for creativity and excellence and twice been a NGO Representative to the UN. A proud recipient of the Orphans International Global Citizenship Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity, I have been a Strategic Communications Advisor for high profile global leaders including the UN 61st President General Assembly. Author of seven cross-cultural children’s books, editor and lead investigator on many White Paper Reports, I tour widely on the topics of cross-cultural tolerance & understanding, bullying, STEAM Education and Entrepreneurship.
What you don't know about me is that I started my career as a photographer & I am a foodie traveling far and wide to fuel my passion!
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