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Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Author, Poet, Bar Owner | Detroit, Michigan
Abe Sulfaro (1970-2014)died while making final edits on his first and only novel, The Antiheroes. He graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA with a degree in music productions, having interests in a broad range of music genres but ultimately writing Gothic-Glam Industrial Rock and performing in venues across greater Detroit. Abe became immersed in the Goth subculture during the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, that "scene" along with the post-apocalyptic conditions in the Motor City inspiring him to write The Antiheroes. Abe was wise and worrisome from birth, seeing humanity and life through an artist's lens, one who was drawn to the gritty underbelly of his beloved city, the infamous Detroit. His affinity with the Goth subculture is stamped indelibly into this novel which has left readers considering whether the happenings actually occurred or to what extent Abe fictionalized them. The characters are, in fact, real people. Abe's family became aware of The Antiheroes shortly before he died and later discovered, in the small loft where he lived over the bar he owned and operated, his prose and song lyrics that have been published as Memoirs de Nocturne: An Anthology. Abe would say The Antiheroes is not for every reader, that it would appeal to those within the Goth/Emo subcultures, those who live on the fringe and those who have the gutsiness for some of the dark, bloody scenes. Any reader, however, finds truth in his descriptions of the blight and poverty, the desperation and hopelessness of many who live in the inner city of Detroit. The book has at the front a John Lennon quote: "My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as reflections of us all." In the Epilogue, Abe's mother writes about the many people who were at his wake in a small Detroit bar: "To a person, they acknowledged his dark musings as well as his talent, his great empathy, his kindness and his sense of justice. The stories about and memories of this man, my son, live on as testaments to his relationship with humanity, his impact on those whose lives touched his, his capacity for deep thought intertwined with humor, and his intellect." Abe has left sustained gifts in his writings and his music. It's as if he was shared with us for a brief time, and as family friend and rock'n'roll aficionado Dr.Ted Fazzari wrote, "leaving us behind with wailing guitars and the long song of sorrow." The Antiheroes is touched by unseen hands, felt by readers to whom it becomes clear that the author knew he would die young. Memoirs de Nocturne-An Anthology is a compilation of Abe's poems, song lyrics, quotes, novel excerpts, and memories from family and friends. Arranged in blocks of years that are evolutionary and yet overlapping in the artist's life, the collection weaves a rich tapestry depicting his dark musings and wistfulness as well as his whimsy. It's as if he wrote his autobiography.
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