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April 2, 2019
Existential Moments with Detroit's Beloved Gothfather
Abe Sulfaro

"There were times when I couldn't have survived without you, even when you weren't here." Such is the case now with Abe's family and friends. As is too often the case with artists, their words provide us with reflection and meaning after they've left us. Many of the poems, lyrics, and quotes by ...Read More

March 3, 2019
Not Light Reading
Sally Sulfaro

So begins my journey on the next level of outreach on behalf of my son, Wordeee author Abe Sulfaro...and as a new Wordeee author myself, inspired by his introspective and conflicted writings. One of the qualities of his work that stands in contrast to my first novel, "Co-eternals," is his ability ...Read More

March 15, 2019
Patrice Samara
Feeling like I know Abe and his cohorts through your work...they jump off the page. You have gained your voice and are forging ahead one paragraph at a ...
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