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Who We Are


You’ve found us and we are excited to welcome you to Wordeee! We’re the new kids on the publishing block and we have something to say and share. Over the years, as book professionals, we’ve fielded thousands of inquiries from frustrated authors who want to know how to succeed at the one thing they know how to do best — use words.


With so many emerging and experienced authors asking the same questions we wondered, how could we help? Our “what if” question then was, how could we assist artists in finding homes for their art, make a living doing what they love, and give them an opportunity to change their lives through their art? In other words, how could we reduce their pain and frustration?  We also wanted to understand how to help level the playing field for great authors by democratizing the publishing process and helping to facilitate outreach to their tribe.


The founders of Wordeee have the right combination of publishing, technology, entertainment, and entrepreneurial skills to make this happen. Our 360-degree view of all aspects of the publishing industry is the knowledge we applied to our publishing vision. Using best-in-class technologies coupled with years of hi-touch capabilities, Wordeee supports authors, who through their own efforts and ours, can experience their greatness. Our goal is to turn the mundane world of words into exciting, engaging, and inspiring cross-platform content, whether you write it, speak it, or see it.


Wordeee is the new wave of integrated publishing that gives authors the tools and support they need to succeed. Our 360-degree publishing platform is for confident, fearless, no-excuse authors who want to use their talent to drive their d­estiny. We are not for everyone but we are definitely for you. So, come on!  Know your worth and step into your greatness, because all you’ve learned before about the book business no longer applies. We have thrown out that arcane rule-book and given you the new book for words. Mark our Words!



What Exactly is Wordeee?


Wordeee is a new reality, a next generation integrated, interactive, bi-directional, and evolutionary literary and entertainment hub with a powerful social media platform that puts the power of words back into the artist's hands. Wordeee's intent is to revolutionize book publishing by unleashing the power and value of the “sharing economy” to drive greater success and ever-accelerating connection for authors and their reading audience. Wordeee’s ecosystem, a full-service publishing platform that includes robust promotional, marketing, and social media tools, enables emerging and well-established authors to unlock their creativity. Authors can create, publish, distribute their work, and connect seamlessly with their worldwide audience. Every author can benefit from Wordeee’s capability to extend and cross-platform their written works into other formats such as audio, video, movies, and beyond. 


The Wordeee Author’s Lounge, our unique window to the world space, allows authors to discover hidden values locked inside their work, and begin to monetize those overlooked and inherent assets that this new economy has put at their fingertips.


In release version one (v.1), Wordeee focuses on authors. We use the word “author” more than we will use “artist,” but as Wordeee becomes more inclusive in future updates, it will encompass all artists who use words as the basis of their work.  


In its full iteration, Wordeee will be enhanced with original videos/movies, offer a library of movies made from books, and add audio/music content. In other words, if it’s made up of words, you will likely find it on Wordeee. Just consider us the Swiss Army Knife of words. A content trendsetter if you will. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started!


For detailed information on every aspect of the Wordeee platform and for our future vision, check our FAQ's.


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