November 2, 2016
The Happy Cow

Once there was a cow that spent most of its time eating field grass, drinking water, and watching clouds drift across the expanse of a soft blue sky.

Then one day, a deer walked up to the cow and asked, “Don’t you ever get bored?”

“Bored?” asked the cow. “Why would I get bored? Just look at those clouds. All the different shapes they conform to, makes it easy to imagine cows that can walk around in the sky, like cows walk on the ground. I can see so many stories in those clouds, stories about wild worlds filled with adventure, stories retold over centuries by the cows of those worlds.”

“OK,” said the deer, “but they are not really there.”

“But they are,” said the cow. “I see cows and cow stories everywhere. Look, can you see the tall grass on the edge of the field? There are cows there as well. Blue, red and yellow cows, and they are all standing up on two legs playing volley ball. And over there, by the trees near the fence, can you see them? There are cows with long giraffe like necks that are reaching over the fence to eat the tender sprouts of the taller trees.

And over there, by the barn and water trough. Just look. There are cows wagging their tails like dogs, and cows with suits like bankers playing cards, and cows driving cars. And other cows are flying planes. They are chasing sky cows with wings that let them zip around like humming birds.”
“Oh, it’s wonderful. So wonderful,” smiled the happy cow.

“Yes, yes it is,” agreed the deer as he smiled back at the cow."

Thomas Easley
May 30.2017
Dearest Patrice... many apologies as I just noticed this note from you. While I cannot answer with finite certainty... In a word, I would say curiosity. What makes things work, and why do they work, what becomes of what is and where did what is come from? It is very often the case that questions are more alive than answers ... they spawn greater curiosity. best, t
Patrice Samara
November 05.2016
Thomas, What in your childhood enabled you to have such a fertile and vivid imagination?
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