October 27, 2016
Thinking Thoughts

If we are not in control of our minds, something, or someone else will be.

“I” is in the awareness of an absence of “I.”

Every debt has its master.

A lie is often more alluring than the truth.

Are reflections a form of stealing?

There is no adventure in comfort.

Nothing makes us more individual than learning.

The same laws which make men free, free men to subvert freedom.

To create a paradise in which happiness is not guaranteed, is to create life.

If someone tells us that he lies, would he be telling the truth?

When equality is not seen as an obvious value, to make it obvious makes it unequal.

It is difficult to accept what one understands when understanding changes nothing.

Slavery is that bondage to which a man is subjected without choice. And what man is a man by choice?

Awakening is not seen, it sees.

Thomas Easley
November 13.2016
Greetings dearest Sally... I have read, and reread, your kind regard with many thanks. There is very little we can do to change the world, to effect an alternate course in the flow of reality. As you son so beautifully illustrated, what we can do is effect a change in how we see reality, and what we see in it. It’s as if we are in a room with ten different designs painted on the walls and we have been focused on only one. What prevents us from focusing on three designs, on eight, or all ten at the same time? Only us, our self-image ─ that internal kingdom of mirrors which makes the world in our image. Those mirrors are for us to adjust, or not. And I do hope you will find Between Apes and Gods of benefit. Written more in layers, stacked one upon the other, which one must see through as pages are added, it is not an easy read. But it does examine the nature of human “consciousness” and what may become of what we understand that to be over time. With all my best, t
Abe Sulfaro
November 01.2016
Written by Abe's editor/publisher/mother. Thomas, you channel from a place of deep and transcendent thought. Thank you for your writing! My son Abe, before he died, wrote, "People can create their own reality or let reality create them." Your first sentence above reminds me of that. Your book will be very valuable to me as I continue writing a book about the cycling of consciousness across time and lifespans. Sally Sulfaro
Patrice Samara
October 28.2016
You are my guru...I appreciate your words of wisdom!
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