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The Pianist and Min Jade
Fiction | English

Min Jade has been a misfit all her life. Programmed to be the best by her Tiger Mom, Jessica Jade, she is a standout in her career as the only Black tenured professors of Physics at the prestigious University of Michigan. With an IQ off the charts, Jessica, very early on recognized her daughter’s genius came with the duality of mental frailty.  A force shield against the sometimes cruel reality of Black geniuses, when the portending insomnia that warned of doom returns, she knew a change was needed. Min Jade’s professor and her mother urges her to take a sabbatical to The University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Min Lee Woo is a loner. Sarcastic and insensitive, he is one of the world's greatest classical pianists and considered Korea's equal to the incomparable Chinese star, Lang Lang. After the death of his mother, Min Lee faced the harsh reality of living with a stepmother who hated him. Ousted at age sixteen to The Royal Academy of Music in London, under the guise of continuing his studies, he loves no one, not even the country of his birth. In Innsbruck to give a concert, he meets an unusual girl in a yellow and purple dress with dimples just like his mother, only she is a black woman with a Korean name. Can loners with vast cultural differences survive long enough to find love?

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