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Claim Your Light: Unlock Your Capacity to Become a More Vibrant and Authentic Person
Self Help | English

Claim Your Light makes a bold statement: YOU can become more vibrant, more authentic and turn any adversity into opportunity, if you are willing to do the work required. The first steps to claiming your light begins with self-knowledge?knowing who you are at your core. The second is, trusting that self-knowledge will be your guide to the inner wisdom that opens the door to the three most important Keys for authentic and expanded living: Empathy, Grit, and a Growth Mindset. Honing these skills will begin your journey from merely surviving to boldly thriving.

How does it all work? According to Dr. Benenson and Dr. Hughson, by capacity building. Capacity building is about learning how to create more emotional room to deal with life’s uncertainties and ambiguities. Once developed, your capacity container enlarges and manages how much internal space you have to take in additional information, allowing for new behaviors to take root.


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