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a Graphics artist's Diary
Memoir | English

Irreverent, comedic, and hones. The search for authenticity is the subject of this mini-memoir. Panagiotis knew from an early age he had talent.  His superpower was drawing and design. However, when he broached the subject, his fairly open-minded Greek parents, like many other Greek parents who expect him to become a lawyer or a doctor, scoffed. The idea of him living at home until he was forty, as some Greek boys/men do, was palatable. His parents are dead bent on him going to University to become a doctor or lawyer, if not, for bragging rights, he must get into University no matter what.  

In this lovely heartwarming ditty, we follow Panagiotis, who is determined to somehow land on his feet in the world of Graphics Arts. You will find yourself laughing through some of his hilarious journeys and rooting for him in the haranguing situations he sometimes finds himself. 

His hard-luck life feels like an adventure and will have you laughing all the way.  a Graphic artist’s Diary is a wonderful, easy-to-read story about what one will do to find their purpose when they know they were born with a talent they want to keep.  With his now very successful graphics business, Panagiotis wants to share with people that the line is not always straight, but wherever it goes, follow it until you find yourself living the dream you imagine.  Bumps and all…living in your bliss is worth it.  But first, you must know see who you really are.