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KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play
Children | English

KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play Ages 2 to 8 is just what every adult has been searching for. Filled with hundreds of ideas for good, creative play for children that requires no use of electronics, it is the ultimate imagination builder. Great for playtime; rainy days; car trips; waiting in line; classrooms or any other time when kids need to have a creative activity that is old-fashioned FUN AND PLAY at its best! This easy to follow, step by step guide for play is great for parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone who loves children. This all-new version of KIDFUN, a beloved concept for over forty years, is written by play expert, Sharla Feldscher, and encourages imagination, creativity, and the delight of playful interaction.