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Daring to Love
Non-fiction | English

Daring to Love, is a sobering, no holds barred journey through confronting the insecurities and fears that holds sway over intimacy. Freeing oneself from emotional baggage sometimes means unmasking from layers upon layers of protective armor gathered along the way to temper debilitating pain.

In Daring to Love, T.N. Mitchell shares how she conquered her fears, faced her past head-on and dared to fight for the love she deserved. Fully committing to unconditionally loving self, Mitchell embraces the idea that to love and to trust is the way to happiness and ultimately freedom. In this honest, soul bearing, stark, heartbreaking memoir, T.N. Mitchell gets us to a point that yes, love is giving someone the power to destroy you, yet trusting that they won’t, and if they do, how to stay centered in the pain rather than use it for self-destruction. She encourages us to stand alone, first in self-love, which gives us a fighting chance to find the true love we deserve in our lives.

Mitchell shares the hard work and vulnerability it took for her to unmask. In Daring to Love, you will learn how to love from a position of strength rather than from a position of weakness.