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On Behalf of the Non-humans: The Struggle to Restore Our Humanity
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If all are humans, then why do some die of hunger while others waste part of their food supply? If the United Nations Human Inalienable Rights are for the human species, then those who do not have these rights are the non-humans. Although the more abundant species, non-humans are boxed inside their nations and dominated by caste structures so they cannot take back what was originally taken from them. The economy we live in today is built upon the oppression of the non-humans as our banking system is designed to increase the social rifts between rich and poor, turning benign economies into concentration camps of pay-slaves. Those who hold the reins of power believe that their system will last them forever, oblivious to what history has repeatedly proven about the inevitable rise of the non-humans at every turn of events. Little do people know that the answer to their dilemmas is much simpler than imagined and surprisingly within their reach. Knowing the path to solve their economic strife, people will have the power to break their shackles and experience true freedom, one that will unite us all.

Edition Number: Wordeee Edition
Publication Date: Oct 29, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-946274-08-3
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