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a Graphics artist's Diary
Memoir | English

Panagiotis born in Athens, Greece was given, not a mythical but real superpower, as an artist.  He knew from an early age he had talent.  However, his fairly open-minded Greek parents, like many other Greek parents expected him to become a lawyer or a doctor.  Irreverent, comedic, and honest this mini-biography anecdotally shares how Panagiotis's drive to succeed as an artist lead him down some rabbit holes at a  time when the Greek economic crisis was at its heights. In this lovely, heartwarming, hard-luck life adventure you are likely to find yourself all the while laughing through his hilarious journey. 

a Graphic artist’s Diary is a wonderful, easy-to-read story about what one will do to find when they know they were born with a talent to find their purpose.  His message; follow your dream until you find yourself living it. Bumps and all…living in your bliss is worth it.  But first, you must know yourself...see who you really are.


Edition Number: 1
Publication Date: Jun 08, 2021
E-book ISBN: 978-1-946274-62-5
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